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How to make your gift boxes more beautiful

2019-05-17 15:30:42

How to improve the quality of the color box when the color of the printed paper is not much different? Design is very important. In the design of the color paper box, we need to mine the information from the packaged goods and their cultural backgrounds, and then combine the post-press synergy technology to create a packaging design that fits the product itself, simple but not too low-grade, introverted And luxury.

At the same time, we can work hard on the design of the color box. Tray shapes such as squares, rectangles, cylinders, and irregular shapes are now available everywhere. A novel color box shape plays a decisive role in the competition of commodities. According to the shape and feeling of the product, it excavates and designs the carton shape suitable for the goods from the aspects of movement, volume and depth.

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