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How to distinguish whether black cardboard paper bag is good

2019-04-18 14:03:04

We know that among the paper materials used to make handbags, there are coated paper, black cardboard, and pre-treated special paper. These are the more common packaging factory papers, but the black cardboard paper-made products have the characteristics of the black cardboard are different, what kind of performance shows that the black cardboard material is healthy and normal? First of all, we must understand that the characteristics of the black cardboard  can better predict the appearance of the tote bag after it has been shaped or finished, and the various situations that will occur in order to judge him. So the first thing we know best is The hardness of the black cardboard is very high, and the bumps on the surface are also very obvious. 

First of all, from his surface bumps, because of this trait, the adhesive surface of the black cardboard paper bag, that is, the glue used at the bottom is generally very strong, and if the bottom is very weak,the reason is the quality of the glue or the quality of the black cardboard,rather than the problem of the machine. Because the uneven surface is more conducive to the bonding of the industrial glue, because various pits will make the bonding more firm. Glue can hold more paper surface on both sides, so the hand bag with black cardboard as the material generally does not have the problem of glue bonding. The simplest contrast is the contrast with the coated paper because The surface of the coated paper is very smooth, so the glue can catch both sides of the surface and only the plane, so it is easy to appear glue problem is this principle

Then there is the problem of hardness stiffness. We may see it often when we are young,Some cardboards have been placed for a long time. After the damp, the whole black cardboard will be like a small hill, even a wave, and it will be recessed and protruded. And the jam at this time will be very fragile. If you use the black cardboard paper bag with such conditions, it will become very fragile, and the touch will be thinner than the healthy black cardboard bag because This deterioration process is consumed, there should be toughness to produce moisture, so the paper will become very fragile, placed in a dry place for a long time, it is easy to make the paper paper deteriorate, once the paper jam deteriorates, the paper bag customization effect its quality.

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