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Disc Screen Printing Technology

2019-03-25 14:28:47

The first point is a detailed analysis of this technology. For this kind of printing technology, we will definitely feel very awkward. What does this technology mean? In fact, the main difference between this printing technology and traditional printing technology is that the materials used are different. This technique is to apply the raw materials required for printing to a special mesh-like disc-shaped object, and then to complete the printing operation, which is different from the previous printing technology. This technology requires the use of more specialized equipment.


The second point is about the advantages of this technology. Compared with the prior art, this kind of technology should be used in a wider range of processes, which means that when printing, it is not limited to printing on paper, but we can use this technology to us. The pattern to be printed is printed on plastic or other materials and can be used for good printing.


Third, this technology should go to a regular and relaible printing company. For example, Top&Top printing pacakging co.,ltd. can help us to use this printing technology to meet our needs. If the production process of one of our products requires the use of this step of printing, it is a good consideration to choose to cooperate with Top&Top printing pacakging co.,ltd. This printing packaging company can help us achieve better printing results.

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